Low Vision - Enhancing Your Existing Vision

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Contrast sensitivity is decreased from AMD. Therefore, improving contrast through better lighting can make seeing easier. Reading is best performed with a gooseneck lamp with a white color light. Goose neck lamps are adjustable and may be in the form of desk or floor lamps.


Magnafiers increase the size of an image, but limit the field of view. The more powerful the magnifier, the less of an image someone is able to see at one time. Many people find the Magnabrite magnifier to be particularly helpful, as its frame does not obstruct the view of the image.


Tablets such as iPads can magnify the text on digital content. Furthermore, their camera function allows the magnification of external objects. This is a much less expensive solution and mobile solutions then closed-circuit televisions.

Closed-Circuit Televisions

This uses a video camera which focuses on an item and projects it onto the screen. These devices are very expensive and probably best trialed with a low vision specialist before considering making the investment.

Illuminated Magnifiers with LED lights

Magnify the newspaper, magazines, medication labels, and other objects. At the same time, the LED light illuminates for better contrast and improved clarity and visualization. Different lens options are available.


IrisVision’s low vision glasses has various functions – such as magnify certain areas of your vision, adjust contrast, and maximize use of functioning areas of your vision.

Clip on LED lights for Eye Glasses

Easily attach to your eye glasses and illuminate the text you are reading for improved contrast. Light weight and rechargeable.

Low Vision Specialists

Low Vision specialists have expertise in helping people with limited vision perform their desired tasks. They have many additional tools and practical tips which are worth exploring. It is recommended to contact your physician for a referral to a low vision specialist if you are having trouble doing the things you want to due because of your vision

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